Vertical blinds

Lamellae – Fields of appliction

Of course, lamellae curtains are not the only useful invention of mankind. Along the lines of nature, which uses vertical blinds especially to accommodate a maximal surface in a confined space, the human being has developed vertical blinds made from the most different materials and in the most diverse shapes. Basically, you can find them anywhere, sometimes clearly visible and sometimes invisibly hidden in the inside. There are vertical blinds structures made of wood, metal, concrete, glass, synthetic material, rubber, textiles and paper. They can be flat or curved, narrow or wide, stiff or flexible and they can fulfill diverse tasks, which arise in every day life as well as in technology and in the field of research.

The mostly parallel running surfaces of vertical blinds even offer new possibilities of presentation in the field of art. With their help three-dimensional pictures can be created, depending on the spectator’s point of view. Also in advertising two or three-dimensional vertical blinds can achieve this purpose, for example where an advertising space is supposed to be used for several different advertisements.

However, most vertical blinds can be found in engine, machine and vehicle construction, as ventilation dampers, filters or as vertical blinds brakes as well. Also such everyday devices like hairdryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditions and heaters are equipped with vertical blinds in order to direct the stream of air or a maximal heat exchange. Furthermore, a vertical blinds structure improves a surface’s adhesion. Therefore, car tyres without vertical blinds have less grip, also vertical blinds handles at bikes or other steering devices prevent a slip off and in doing so also serve a safety purpose.

A maximal surface in a confined space means – while using appropriate materials – also a maximal stability with the least weight and material effort. Like that vertical blinds constructions are used in architecture for building bridges, as girders of vaults or also for strengthening existing buildings.

The versatility of vertical blinds is just so big that you could make a song on it, for example on an organ or a harmonica. Because also here vertical blinds set the tone and can change the tones by regulating the air stream.

Also in the field of medicine, in space research and in many other areas one cannot dispense with vertical blinds anymore. (Lamellen, Lamellenvorhänge, Holz, Metall, Beton, Glas, Kunststoff, Gummi, Textilien, Papier)