Vertical blinds

Fabrics and materials

The vertical blinds of vertical sun-blinds are mainly produced of synthetic fabrics, because these are more hard-wearing and easier to clean than natural fibres. With the help of different weaving techniques, thickness and coating they can contain different properties and functions, which correspond to the demands and the purpose of the room.

Synthetic fibres like polyester, polyacrylic and Trevira CS, but also plastic-coated fibreglass, vinyl-coated natural fibres or lamellae made from PVC have – additionally to their functional equipment – convenient textile properties, which makes them perfect for sun protection, visual shield, dazzling protection, light filter or darkening system also in the living quarters. However, vertical blinds made from aluminium seem quite stiff, but meet highest demands when it comes to hygiene, resistance to dampness, ease of care and immunity against bacteria, mould or rotting.

New in the vertical blinds assortment are eventually also wood fibres, leather and paper, which especially stress the natural elegance of a modern living room design. Due to the fact that these materials are less resilient and require more maintenance, imitations of synthetic fibres are more popular and have the same optical effect. So that the vertical blinds meet the owner’s demands when it comes to the look as well as to their functions, you should basically choose them on basis of their properties. In the range of transparent or opaque vertical blinds, washable or dirt-repellant vertical blinds, flame-resistant or mould-resistant vertical blinds there is a huge choice of colours and patterns to also meet the decorative requirements within the decorative concept of the room. In other words, darkening vertical blinds do not necessarily be black or coloured in another dark colour, at the same time not only white vertical blinds are able to reflect sunlight and therefore protect a room against unwanted warming. In these cases the different design and coating of front side and reverse side is the whole secret. Even vertical blinds made from aluminium can exhibit a certain transparency when having a perforation.

This huge choice of fabrics and materials is only possible for vertical vertical blinds, because – in contrast to the horizontal vertical blinds of sun-blinds – they can not bend, sag or fold. All vertical blinds fabrics are additionally hardened a little bit by a special procedure, so that even very light and filigree vertical blinds can show straight and exact hanging and rotation properties. (Stoff, Lamellen, Vertikaljalousie, synthetische Gewebe, strapazierfähig, pflegeleicht, Naturfaser, Webtechnik, Polyester, Polyacryl, Trevira CS, kunststoffbeschichtete Glasfasern, vinylbeschichtete Naturfasern, PVC, Sonnenschutz, Sichtschutz, Blendschutz, Lichtfilter, Verdunkelung, Aluminium, Hygiene, Feuchtigkeitsresistenz, Pflegeleichtigkeit, Immunität gegen Bakterien, Holzfasern, Leder, Papier, robust)