Vertical blinds

Cleaning and care of vertical blinds

Due to their easy care and extraordinary cleaning properties vertical blinds are the most favorable window protection not only in the medical sector. Their smooth surfaces hardly offer any possibilities for dust and dirt to stick on the fabric. Even more structured fabrics with a homier appearance can defend dust and dirt after treatment by means of anti-static coatings or become resistant to moist, stains and mold by means of special fabric technologies such as nano-tech.

Thus, they are also suitable for the equipment of moisture-proof rooms or for a better protection against allergies.

However, a regular cleaning contributes to a perfect look of the vertical blinds even after many years. For this, vertical blinds can be cleaned from dust with a duster. In the case of stronger dirt stain, the vertical blinds can either be cleaned with a moisture cloth or the single lamellae are removed from their clips and washed in suds. Before, please note the care tips of the producer and which care method they recommend.

Furthermore, it is possible to have the blinds cleaned by an expert laundry service that clean with steam or ultra sound, methods which are usually applied in medicine or facility care. However, such a profound treatment is usually not necessary for the private use. Here, common household cleaners are sufficient, but first it should always be tried to remove the dirt without using detergents and without pressure or rubbing. Otherwise, protective coatings, e.g. the self-cleaning so-called lotus-effect are destroyed or even the fabric itself can be damaged.