Vertical blinds

Protective functions

Due to their various operating functions and functional fabric equipment, vertical blinds can be the solution for most various protection requirements. They are able to improve the atmosphere in a room regarding health as well as optical appearance.

Sun protection

Effective sun protection is supposed to protect a room from the light as well as the heat of the sun. Since the sun does never shine equally every day and since each room has a different demand of light and heat only a highly flexible sun protection can guarantee the desired conditions at every weather. Vertical blinds, however, are not only a perfect sun protection because they can be directed in every position towards the sun, but the variety in fabrics and material is suitable to meet different requirements concerning filtering and protection individually. You can determine how much daylight may enter your rooms even when the blinds are closed by selecting your preferred colour and grade of transparence.

Privacy protection

Already in ancient times vertical blinds were used as privacy shield which still provide sufficient views and overviews. The vertical shape of these blinds offers the unique possibility to shield a room either only partly or completely. Thus one can still sleep protected on one side of the room whereas the other side is already flooded by daylight. Thus one permanently keeps the contact to the outside even if the lamellae are not permeable to unwelcome glances or light. Depending on how reliable private sphere should be protected, vertical blinds can be chosen in opaque or semi-transparent variants.

Dazzling protection

Especially in offices dazzling protection hast o be provided for screen work stations. Irritating reflections from windows can be prevented by means of vertical window blinds without banning daylight from the room completely. For large rooms and large window surfaces the fixation of several individually controllable vertical blinds blinds is suitable since each work station can be protected from disturbing dazzling separately.

Heat protection

Vertical blinds can be an effective heat protection even in light-permeable form or darker colors provided suitable equipment. Aluminium or perlex coating on the back are able to reflect heat caused by the sun as well as a white coating. Here as well it is still possible to turn the vertical blinds towards the sun and thus achieve heat protection to a high extend even if the blinds are opened.