Vertical blinds

Additional solutions in sun protection

Roman Blinds

Closely related with vertical blinds are Roman blinds which are as well capable to direct and control sunlight due the horizontal position of their lamellae. However, due to the horizontal order of the vertical blinds no textile fabrics are applied as these would sag, but firmer materials such as aluminum, wood or plastics. This leads to a lack in transparence which, however, has little effect on their capability to design light. Horizontal blinds are older than vertical blinds and were already used in ancient times for sight and sun protection in a rigid form; however, they have not lost their attractiveness until nowadays. Because of their narrow vertical blinds they are more suitable for a direct fixation on the window or the glass strip than vertical blinds and more space saving.

Roller blinds

The roller blind is a classic when it comes to window decoration in a reliable and decorative way in order to achieve protection from sunlight and unwelcome glances. Here light will not find any holes for strings or slots where it might pass through which helps the user to achieve a complete darkening provided the right selection of fabric. Roller blinds are available in most various forms: jumping rollos, spring motion roller blinds, Roman shades or double roller blinds. In a transparent from they can appear as elegant as curtains, color daylight decoratively as a lucent dash of color or control or move light in stripes through the both layers of the double roller blinds.


The elegant pleats are just conquering more and more windows. Due to their very high flexibility on the window and their extent adaptability on every kind of window shape they can also be used where roller blinds, Roman blinds or vertical blinds are less suitable. Like vertical blinds and roller blinds, the pleated fabrics may as well be equipped with various functional features and appear homey and decorative at the same time. Pleats are also available in a free-hanging variation but since the spanned version allows more possibilities in operation and protection they are applied much more frequently. Especially interesting for interior design are double pleats which consist of two layers of cloth that are put one over the other within one system and thus provide an even higher spectrum in light design.

Awnings and sun sails

Of course, also outdoor sun protection may not be forgotten. Outside sun protection systems such as awnings or sun sails increasingly appear in the streets, on facades, terraces, gardens or parks. As they are exposed to particularly heavy environmental influences highest demands are set towards material and technology. In the meanwhile, awning fabrics have become real high-tech products which are very resistant to sun, moisture, dirt and mechanical strain.