Vertical blinds

Individual design with digitally imprinted lamellae

In recent years lamellae curtains have enormously spruced up their image. Additionally to the huge range of fabrics, colours, widths and shapes of vertical blinds, which can all be individually combined and arranged to create effective colour compositions, the digital photographic print is a further possibility to give a lamellae curtain even more expressive power and creativity.

This method is not only especially interesting because it allows to turn big shop windows and glass facades into forceful settings and advertising spaces, but it also gives you the possibility to uniquely decorate the windows in your private spaces. Imprinted on a vertical blinds curtain own holiday and family photos, beautiful landscapes, a sunset, the skyline of a metropolis or your dream car, your ideal woman or man, pretty floral motives, funny colourful children’s pictures or also your favourite animal and especially all kinds of other motives from art or taken from real life will find – in front of a window – a background, and can additionally spring a surprise. On the one hand this occurs because of the changing strength of daylight, which gives the picture again and again a different intensity, but on the other hand also because you can only guess the picture in case the vertical blinds are only half opened or opened, always according to the point of view. Only when the vertical blinds are closed a complete picture emerges, which means you will not tire looking at it so soon.

With vertical blinds curtains whose vertical blinds are rotatable by 180° it is even possible to imprint different motives on both sides of the vertical blinds. However, here optically opaque vertical blinds must be chosen so that the motives do not interfere with each other or shine through.

Those who are interested in a digitally imprinted vertical blinds curtain can also find a lot of ready-made templates and ideas with many suppliers. Whether own photos are suitable for such a large-scale print certainly depends on the picture size and the quality of the photograph. However, modern technology makes it possible that even old photos from your family album can experience a renaissance or also the first self-painted picture of your child can compete in large size with the works of Picasso. All is possible – all you need is your imagination and a little spirit. (Design, digital, Lamellen, Lamellenvorhänge, Stoffe, Farben, Formen, digitaler Fotodruck, Schaufenster, Glasflächen, Werbeflächen, Fenster)